Vision Statement: To empower all women to become strong and successful by overcoming external and internal challenges.


Mission Statement: To reach out to women in the community and help them begin a new chapter in their lives through various programs and initiatives. Never Rated aims to enable these women to look for better job opportunities, build their self-esteem and acknowledge who they are by not settling for less. They also know they are not defined by what people say or by the way they look in society.




What Does Being “Never Rated” Mean?: When CEO Naomie Raymond was in high school the boys had a “rating system” for all of the girls on a scale from 1-10. Whenever people would rate Naomie she would never accept it, telling them I was “Never Rated”. It does not matter what race, shape or size you are beautiful. This experience inspired her to create this organization and share the Never Rated motto to let the world know that women are not subject to what the world defines as beautiful and neither is their worth. All women are Never Rated.

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